SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX is a relatively famous ROBLOX user that has achieved rather controversial stereotypes throughout his history as a user. He currently resides as the leader of one of the largest groups in ROBLOX; First Encounter Assault Recon. SONIC has achieved a relatively poor reputation in the eyes of ROBLOX's community due to accusations of stealing places, copying ideas, and publishing notably popular places largely consisting of free models. These accusations primarily began when SONIC created Island Resort; which at the time was not only thought by ROBLOX's players to be poorly built, but also a direct copy of wierdoking's [sic] very own hotel, which was recieved with a much more positive responce compared to said place.[[ ]]

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SONIC's most well-known place, generally tied directly to his name and existance, is Island Resort. Island Resort has been touted as a shoddily built playground for 'online daters', due to the seemingly high presence of users that pretend to 'date'. YouTube reviewer XiaoXiaoMan showcased Island Resort in a satirical review for his video series Raging ROBLOX Reviewer. It has garnered millions of views and is currently the sixth most visited place in ROBLOX.