Ro-Pictionary is a game where you must guess the drawer's image. The drawer must draw a picture, and try to make the other players guess what they are drawing. To prevent the drawer from giving the other players hints, the player who is drawing may not use the chat while the other players are guessing. Tips for Guessing

  • Never give up!
  • Try hard!
  • Always blurt out random things. Steps:
  1. Start by doing the shape or color.
  2. Then check what its details are.
  3. Finally, blurt out all your guesses as soon as they come to mind


Tips for Drawer Edit

  • Make use of all the colors available to you.
  • You can use the escape key to quickly clear the drawing board to give you room for another drawing.
  • Drawing innapropriate or off topic images doesn't make you funny, it only annoys others. Draw on-topic images.
  • Don't give away too much. Remember to draw HINTS to what the object is, not the actual object, or a word of the answer.

Ro-Pictionary's DeletionEdit

Somewhere near 2011 Ro-Pictionary got deleted by ROBLOX. Ajedi32 said he had no idea why it got deleted because it didn't break any rules. In the comments right after it got deleted users said that it probaly got deleted because of the people who drew bad things/words. Others are mad because they said ROBLOX is deleting all of the good games. But, Ajedi32 said he would re-upload the place and if it gets deleted again, he wont re-upload it again. Ro-Pictionary was deleted a second time on August 16th, 2011.

Ro-Pictionary Memorial PlaceEdit

This is not really a memorial place but the recreation of Ro-Pictionary. On the back of the spawn is "R.I.P. Ro-Pictionary"


On July 24, 2011, an unknown user published a direct copy of the game and claimed it as his own. He is thought to have exploited the game with the XML source exploit. Sometime in early August, he uncopylocked the game (which is the reason for much of the stealing). There are now over 10 pages of a stolen Ro-Pictionary.